About the Maker

Matt Yazel is a classically trained American bladesmith based out of Tarrytown, New York. Having a background as a fine arts major, turned seasoned restaurant/hospitality professional, Matt discovered his true passion creating world class cutlery and kitchen tools. With over 20+ years of restaurant experience, he’s learned a lot about fine wine, but even more about the subtle nuances of how knives should feel and function in a professional kitchen. After studying under a Master Bladesmith for almost 3 years Matt decided it was time to leave the restaurant world and carve out a career as a bladesmith. His knives are all handmade from scratch. Using a variety of raw materials including but not limited to steel, exotic woods, bone, stone and other composite materials, he creates one of a kind kitchen tools that are not only functional, unique, and beautiful, but have the strength and integrity to become family heirlooms for generations to come.

Full shop coming soon